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Diamond Hotel supports the Say NO to Violence Against Women Campaign

Photo from left to right: Sonya Garcia of Sonta's Garden; Chef Jessie Sincioco of Jessie; Julianne Bernardo of Cuppa Cakes; Vanessa Ledesma-Suatengco of Diamond Hotel Philippines; Malu Gamboa of Milky Way and Azuthai; Adam Lifschitz of Conrad Hotel; Rita Dy of Zonta Club of Makati-Ayala; Laurence Ligier of Cameleon; Paul Ruiz of Apartment 1B and Fireside by Kettle; Betsy Tenchavez of Tender Bobs; Tina Legarda of Bamba Bistro; Annabelle Chavez of Mozy Cafe; Sandra Fernandez of Makati Garden Club and Chef Chiloy of Fireside by Kettle 

Diamond Hotel Philippines, in partnership with Zonta Club of Makati-Ayala (ZCMA), joins the global campaign in saying NO to Violence Against Women during the 16 Days of Activism from November 25 to December 10, 2016. 

During the press conference and ceremonial signing of the memorandum of agreement held at Diamond Hotel, hotel and restaurant partners took a vow in delivering a universal message of fighting violence against women and mobilizing resources for these efforts. Taking the approach on a different scale, they pledged to support the endeavor by creating dishes, drinks and desserts in a special orange color that symbolizes a brighter future. 

Diamond Hotel will donate a percentage of the sales from the Lobby Goodie Shop throughout the holiday season in support of ZCMA’s campaign. By purchasing any of the hotel’s party platters or delightful cakes and pastries from now until December 30, 2016, you are taking a stand to say No to Violence Against Women. 

The beneficiary of this programis Cameleon Association, a French NGO committed to rehabilitating girls, typically aged 5-18 that have experienced sexual abuse or incest. The organization helps unprivileged women to redeem their self-esteem, to return to their normal lives and to start a new endeavor.